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Soap-free bases: Sophisticated formulations which can be used in liquid or solid cleansing products
Features Benefits
  • Neutral pH, similar to that of the skin
  • Low odour
  • Dedicated production facility
  • Own formulation expertise
  • For sensitive skin, non-irritant cleansers
  • Suitable for no perfume formulations
  • Production setup for highest quality assurance
  • New product development suiting the specific needs of the customer

Tensopol - High Active Fatty Alcohol Sulphates



Form at 20 ⁰C

Other features

 Compliance with Pharmacopoeia

Tensopol A795S

94% Sodium salt


RSPO available
Preservative free

 Yes, EP and USP

Tensopol A795


94% Sodium salt

Tensopol A79


Sodium salt

Tensopol USP97


97% Sodium salt


Fine powder

RSPO available / Ecocert
Preservative free

Yes, EP and USP

Tensopol USP94

94% Sodium salt