Since the autumn of 2014, we have been a member of the KLK Tensachem S.A.. and have recently changed our name to KLK Tensachem S.A.. We have been a European producer of anionic surfactants used in personal care and home care sectors for more than 50 years. Our product portfolio finds a wide application in hair care, skin care, body cleansing and oral hygiene care, also in pharmaceutical excipients, amongst others, as well as in the home care sector for liquid and powder detergents.

The production location in Ougrée, Belgium is ideally situated, close to the international ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our manufacturing capabilities include sulphonation and sulphation reactors batch blending equipment, flaking and spray-drying.

We received RSPO accreditation for our production site as of September 2014, which allows us to produce and sell surfactants using the Mass Balance Supply Chain Model.

KLK OLEO is now an integrated player in the European surfactant market, offering a synergistic product portfolio of sustainable palm oil derivatives with RSPO certification. Our capability in delivering Traceable, Segregated and Mass Balance certified oleo-based products enable KLK OLEO to continue to grow as the most trusted global partner in oleo-based products and solutions. No deforestation and no new development in peat areas are the fundamental commitment from us that all oleochemicals produced are sustainable.

Since our integration in the KLK Group, KLK Tensachem has massively invested in the Ougrée site and has become one of the major producer of anionic surfactant in Europe.